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  • United States Agent Hazel is great! 新人帖
    674 2 2 luxion999 Post time:2021-9-24 Preview
    Helped me return a jersey that was not listed a pre-order when I purchased it. Responded and cancelled within 1 business day. A+ service!
  • Hi, I ordered shoes a month ago. The track & trace gives the last update on the 5th of May and says "JingWaiJinKouHaiGuanLiuCunDaiYan" . On the int
  • United States Thanks Hebe!!
    355 0 2 kyokaramoau1997 Post time:2022-7-16 Preview
    Thank you very much for your help and patience, Hebe!! You are so nice and very responsive when I need help.
  • Canada Daily post
    876 4 1 jc0001 Post time:2021-2-18 Preview
    Daily post
  • 467 0 1 vinchuyem Post time:2021-10-2 Preview
    Hello.  I just wanted to make a quick post to call out the great work of Agent Sunny.  Whenever I submit a message to Sunny, I kno
  • 479 1 1 shidoken6 Post time:2021-9-29 Preview
    I want to thank Sunny and everyone else who helped me with my order. They went above and beyond, I had no issues at all, and even handled a problemati
  • United States Thank you Grace 新人帖
    463 1 1 matthewaich3 Post time:2021-9-29 Preview
    I just wanted to thank Grace for responding quickly and handling my returns and refunds.  Everything went extremely smoothly and I'm super g
  • United Kingdom Carrie is the best 新人帖
    509 1 1 Tayo Post time:2021-10-23 Preview
    carrie resonds to everything i ask quickly and politly and was a joy to talk to. Really one of the best Carrie-WO21601065471
  • United States Liv 10/10 新人帖
    470 0 1 israelgarcia887 Post time:2021-10-19 Preview
    Liv responded very fast and took care of my issues swiftly 10/10
  • 427 0 1 mambamentality88666 Post time:2022-5-30 Preview
    I am very pleased with my shopping and customer service experiences here on Most recently Kennis did a great job helping me out with one
  • 389 0 1 sam_kolabi Post time:2022-2-25 Preview
    I am very happy and appreciative of Lyulim's hard work and efforts to help me! They are a great agent :)
  • 607 1 1 gerardfr64 Post time:2021-9-29 Preview
    Just want to say that im so happy wity liv agent, realy fast reply, and so helpful
  • United States Hyde - WO21601064099 新人帖
    420 0 1 muruiiqry Post time:2021-10-14 Preview
    Hyde always gets me to the right place, even when I don't understand them because I didn't read the message right, 3 times. Great service
  • United States Lily is a great agent 新人帖
    450 0 1 mana.ali102437 Post time:2021-10-2 Preview
    She replied quick whenever i had any questions and helped me with any issues i had
  • 559 2 1 dabi Post time:2021-10-28 Preview
    Hebe is an amazing agent and helped me tremendously throughout the entire process of buying my items  AND providing support after. I am post
  • United States Hebe 新人帖
    416 0 1 jay Post time:2021-10-2 Preview
    Hebe has been super helpful with all my orders and returns, thank you Hebe!!
  • 386 0 1 fish.lam92093 Post time:2022-5-23 Preview
    剛接觸虛擬貨幣市場,是否買比特幣比較好呢?聽說它是虛擬貨幣界的大佬,幣災時跌得比較少,而且部分商戶都開始開放比特幣交易,好像真的有價值! 不過在周末的波克夏海瑟威年度股東大會上,股神巴菲特再次發表了一系列唱衰比特幣的言論,包括「比特幣25美元他也不會買」,會中他的商業夥伴芒格甚至以「愚蠢、邪惡、差
  • United Kingdom Great Service From Kennis 新人帖
    422 0 1 coolcamaro21 Post time:2021-10-2 Preview
    Kennis was fantastic in his service helping me with a product enquiry and I cant thank him enough! Thanks Again Kennis!
  • United States Hazel 新人帖
    446 0 1 gameboydk Post time:2021-10-3 Preview
    One of the most helpful agents, has helped me refund items past the time.
  • United Kingdom Agent Rose. 🌹 新人帖
    487 0 1 ImCxrtis Post time:2021-9-10 Preview
    Just here to give thanks to Rose for being very helpful with in answering and dealing with my order/return! Thank you Rose
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