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Status of the Shopping Agent Orders
Post time 2019-8-23 17:51:14 | Last replied 2021-7-7 12:27:47 | From China 楼主
Payment Pending: Shopping order generated. Payment pending. You need to pay the order within 72 hours.

Unprocessed: This order is paid.

Order Pending: Order submitted and waiting for purchaser to verify.

Order Processing: System is processing your order. Order has been assigned to the designated purchaser; ready to order from the seller.

Purchased: The order has been purchased; waiting for delivery to Wegobuy.

Shipped (Local) : Seller has sent out items to Wegobuy warehouse.

Received : The order has arrived at Wegobuy; waiting for inspection.

Stock arrived: Item inspection and weighing have been completed; waiting for warehouse to stock-in the items.

Stored in warehouse: Items of the order have been stored in Wegobuy warehouse and can be shipped out anytime within the free storage period.

Clear Balance: Actual purchase cost exceeds the original order payment.User needs to pay for the difference before further purchasing.

Invalid: Your order may be considered invalid for the following reasons:The price and product name you submitted do not match. The actual item does not have pictures or description. The item is virtual or prohibited.

Order withdrawn: The order is cancelled due to buyer's cancellation of order, customs restrictions or other reasons. The refund has been sent to your Wegobuy account.

Refunding: Refund initiated due to buyer's application to refund or seller out of stock. Waiting for seller's refund.

Returning: Your items have been sent back to the seller upon the seller's consent. Waiting for seller's refund.

Returned: Return and refund completed. The refund has been sent to the user's Wegobuy account.

Exchanging: Processing exchange for you after consultation with the seller.

Separated to ship:
The order consists of a number of items, and the seller ships them in different parcels. This item is awaiting dispatch from the seller.

Confirmation pending:
The purchaser need to confirm information with you.

The storage period for the item expires(180 days) or you have chosen to abandon the item. The system is notified and will destroy the item accordingly.
International delivery fee pending: Parcel submitted. Waiting for payment.

Processing: International shipping fee paid. Waiting for shipment from warehouse.

Shipped (International): The item has been sent out.

Completed: The item has been delivered to you.

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Post time 2021-1-26 01:04:24 沙发
What does warehouse pending mean?
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Post time 2021-1-26 09:26:57 板凳
cr7spidah 发表于 2021-1-26 01:04 What does warehouse pending mean?
It means that your package is being processed (start packing)
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Post time 2021-2-21 07:26:24 地板
How long will the items be pending for before it is bought?
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Post time 2021-7-7 12:27:47 5#
What does "Operating" mean
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