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Estimated weight and actual weight
Post time 2019-8-26 14:32:47 | Last replied 2022-1-10 11:43:44 | From China 楼主
It's the time for Wegobuy to launch this feature, the balance of the difference will return in time.
It's the real benefits to you and cost no extra money.
What is the estimated weight?
The estimated weight is the total weight according to which we calculate the shipment fee when you submit your order.
When your product enters our warehouse, we will weigh it with its original packing.
The weight of the entry record together with the weight of the carton we are going to pack your product with add up to the estimated weight.
However, if you choose to remove the original packing when you submit your shipment order, the actual weight of your parcel will be different from the estimated one.
What is the actual weight?
We will weigh the parcel after you submit the delivery order and carry out second weighting on the encapsulation of your items weight and packaging weight, which is the actual weight.
You can click on the details of the package to check the actual weight after sending the parcel within 3 working days.
If the actual weight is lighter than estimated weight, the balance of the package will be returned to your personal cash account after sending the parcel within 3 working days.
An example for choosing EMS to the UnitedStates:
Estimated weight is 2573g,
the international delivery fee=139+48*5=379RMB; (1 first unit+5 continued units)  
Actual weight of 2340g,
the international delivery fee=139+48*4=331RMB;(1 first unit +4 continued units)  
Actual difference =379-331=48RMB (acontinued unit)

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