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Restrictions on brand, contraband, Liquid, paste, food, DVD, and drug delivery
Post time 2019-8-30 15:14:16 | Last replied 2021-5-3 12:43:11 | From China 楼主
Because of we are not customs, we cannot fully understand the requirements of all customs for all goods. Therefore, the advice we give for shipping parcels can only be based on the experience of conventional transportation. We are not responsible for any deduction of customs. Requirements for the delivery of goods, tobacco, alcohol, medicine, contraband are not carried. According to the requirements of air transportation, food, liquid, granules, paste-like goods need to provide non-dangerous goods identification, it is recommended that you do not send goods of these categories. If it is a small amount, for example, a cosmetic bottle does not exceed 100ml, a single package does not exceed 200ml, we can try to help you transport, powder goods can’t be mailed.
1. Cosmetics
Can generally be sent, but depends on what type of cosmetics, alcohol-containing items, such as: nail polish, perfume, is an aviation embargo, can’t be transported; large bottles of bathing fluid, cream cosmetics, etc. because of the liquid And paste goods, need to provide non-dangerous product identification, if you can’t provide, can’t be sent; essential oils can’t be sent; eye shadow, lipstick, can be sent; In addition, cosmetics wrapped in pressure containers can’t be sent, For example, mousse, spray, etc.
2. Chinese medicine
The export of Chinese herbal medicines is subject to customs restrictions on export goods, it is not recommended that you send.
3. Description of illegal goods such as imitation goods and contraband
Wegobuy respects and protects intellectual property rights. If you purchase brand goods through Wegobuy platform, please choose a legal and legal authorized business. Wegobuy as a service party helps you to purchase designated products, will not be responsible for your specific Purchasing needs and merchandise. Due to the wide variety of internationally renowned brands and the number of types, there is no more than one example. Please pay attention to the risk warning when browsing the products. The final prompt is subject to the details.
4. Shop credit
Taobao shop is uneven, in order to ensure the quality of service, Wegobuy does not support businesses with low credit ratings.
5. Virtual products
Wegobuy does not support virtual products for the moment.
6. Liquid, perfume, gas products
Can’t be transported through EMS, DHL, special line, Economy line; (If you buy food without vacuum packaging and the seller said that the shelf life is less than half a year, considering the time of international transportation, we do not recommend to buy this type of food .
7. CD-ROM products
Can’t be transported through DHL, special line, Economy line.
8. Imitation cards, medicines, health products, batteries, electronic digital goods
Can’t be transported through DHL, special line, special line.
9. Australian Customs
Australia Customs strictly prohibits wood products and Cordyceps, as follows: pine nuts, raw nuts (such as peanuts, walnuts), fresh fruits and vegetables, sausages and various meats, garlands, dried flowers and conifers. Bark, wood, straw products (such as straw hats), sand, earth, seed products.
10. Japanese Customs
The Japanese Customs has strict inspections on hair and fur products.
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