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Wegobuy Important Tips Regarding Shipping
Post time 2020-8-5 14:13:16 | Last replied 2021-5-3 12:43:27 | From China 楼主
Dear valued users:
The Wegobuy team thanks you for choosing our international shopping service. In order to ensure that you can get the best shopping experience on our platform, before you are ready to ship the stuff, we recommends that you take a moment to read this tips we well prepared for your international shipping.

1. As a cross-border shopping agent, WeGoBuy has reached in-depth cooperation with many international logistics companies to provide high-quality routes such as DHL and GD-EMS, and economical routes such as GD-AIR and GD-SAL. At the same time, we are constantly developing new logistics lines ,in order to make efforts to provide you with the best shipping experience.
International shipping is a complicated and long process, where each company may have different relationships with local customs and local shipping companies. Delays, confiscation, taxes, damaged or lost goods are common examples of the various issues that may occur. Wegobuy cannot control and avoid these unexpected issues, but we will take good care of our users in terms of notifying our users about the specific situations that certain shipping routes or destination countries may be subject to, well in advance. When something unexpected happens, we will try our best to help users to solve it.

2. Delivery cost and time
Regarding the shipping cost, we could understand that everyone wants to ship it via a fast and economical route, but due to the complexity of international transportation, international shipping fees maybe relatively expensive. Generally, high-quality stable routes maybe a bit expensive, while some economical routes maybe kinda slow or unstable. You can choose the shipping route based on your needs
We have a range description for the estimated delivery time of each route. Due to the complexity of international logistics, we cannot guarantee that the transportation timeliness of each route are within the standard range. Sometimes cheap lines may be fast, and expensive lines may may be delayed (small probability). Likewise, more expensive shipping routes may not have a 100/100 guarantee in terms of processing time (small probability). Additionally, the expensive shipping routes have better tracking systems and compensation programs. At Wegobuy, we will assist our users to communicate with the transfer companies in order to solve problems that may arise, such as a delay in compensation.And one more tip for the processing time: if your items strictly dependent on the processing time, such as items for travel, events, weddings, etc., please do not rely 100% on the official processing time, especially for the economic routes. Please add extra one half of the time to the official processing time. If your parcel is relatively heavy, please consider to choose reliable routes via DHL,GD-EMS.

3. You may want to consider the Item Restriction and Taxation. Due to the different regulations stipulated by customs, some items are restricted to be shipped. The rules are strictly made by local customs and logistics companies, and Wegobuy will not be able to ship the items for you if it violates these regulations. We have listed the Mailing Restrictions of all the transfer companies. In addition, our system will automatically match the suitable route for your items. If not, our customer service team will also assist you. For sensitive items, such as food, some routes may allow you to ship it but it still have the possibility of being confiscated or detained by customs. As for taxation, Wegobuy can't guarantee your parcel will not be checked, taxed, or subject to default taxes or duties as each custom have different rules and regulations. Users would need to be aware of the mail restriction and taxation issue and understand the possible risks. Wegobuy will inform users in advance and assist with any further questions or issues related to it. If you have any enquires or questions, please contact our customer service team in advance. The stated issues of international shipping are only a small situation, which you should not be worried about. The most important thing is, we will always be here to help. Wegobuy's service concept is "Customer First". We strive to take good care of our users and become your reliable friends. In the meanwhile, we would kindly ask for your understanding and patience. Unfortunate as it may be, Wegobuy can't perform magic, we may not be able to locate your parcel in 1 second, or release your parcel from customs in 2 seconds. If something goes wrong with your parcel, what we can do is to continuously communicate, negotiate or even refund for you in advance. Please don't worry, you can contact our customer service team at any time and we will handle it as soon as possible.

If you think our customer service team didn't solve your problem with care, please feel free to contact us via email at WeGoBuy has always been committed to providing customers with the best service so we will definitely give you an appropriate solution.

Thank you to every customer for choosing and supporting WeGoBuy. If you have some  suggestions and complaint,please let us know.Thank you very much and wish you to have a great time by using our services.

                                                                                        Wegobuy team

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