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【Logistics Recommendation】Wegobuy Popular Routes Timeliness Data sharing
Post time 2022-12-6 16:52:27 | Last replied 2022-12-6 16:52:27 | From Clarke County 楼主
Dear users,Greetings!    In order to bring you a better logistics experience, Wegobuy has made a timeliness analysis of popular routes for some countries. We share the logistics data of the past 30 days. You can choose the shipping route according to the delivery rate of each route and the urgency of your package.We have classified the popular routes into three channels: Postal, Express, and exclusive routes.For the United States, at this stage, we recommend that you choose HK UPS, KR-EMS and other channels for delivery. For zip code regions starting from 8 and 9, USA Line(Small) and USA Preferential Line(Small) are also good choices. If you are in urgent to receive the parcel, we suggest that you can choose DHL for delivery;For the UK, we recommend that you choose GD-EMS,GD-E-EMS and UK Line(Small) for delivery;For Canada, you can choose express or postal channel according to the urgency;For parcels sent to Germany, you can choose the Europe tariffless line or the postal channel. For parcels sent to France,we suggest that you can choose Europe tariffless Line or GD-EMS for delivery.The following is a data analysis table of the delivery rate of each country, which is for your reference only:Wegobuy is committed to providing you with a better logistics experience, and we look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions!    Wegobuy team  2022.12.6

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