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【Announcement】Notice on the Parcel Size Adjustment of KR-EMS (Actual Weight)
Post time 2022-12-7 15:49:58 | Last replied 2022-12-7 15:49:58 | From Clarke County 楼主
Dear Users: Greetings!     Upon the notice from the logistics provider, in order to more reasonably allocate international air transport capacity and ensure more smooth international logistics transportation, KR-EMS (Actual Weight) route plans to adjust the size range of parcels as follows:  1. From 17:00 pm on December 9, 2022 (UTC+8), the parcel size of KR-EMS (Actual Weight) is adjusted as follows: the longest side ≤ 55cm, the sum of two short sides * 2+the longest side ≤ 167cm. Parcels submitted before this time will not be affected by this adjustment.  2. KR-EMS (Actual Weight) is a route provide for limited-time offer, and the parcel freight of this route is calculated according to the real weight as long as it is within the corresponding size and weight limit. Parcel transportation and timeliness are consistent with KR-EMS. You can feel free to choose it for shipping.Thank you for your support for wegobuy.       Wegobuy Team        2022.12.7

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